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Practical, unique and innovative solutions to support you, your team and your business to achieve; build your organisational capability which will assist you to adapt to people management challenges. Further unlocking opportunities and remaining in front.

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Targeted Training partners with you to implement solutions to support your business to solve your people management challenges. We do this by providing Targeted Training strategies, people management foundations such as policies and procedures along with coaching and Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality profiling. Our goal in working with you is to support you to attract, retain, empower and inspire your team. A happy team is a productive team, leading to greater business success in all areas.

Put simply, we provide a range of services to support you, your team, and your business to achieve. This will assist you in building capability and keep you in front. Your organisation will be better placed to adapt to challenges and unlock opportunities.

We are committed to growth – personal, professional, and business growth. Targeted Training provides personalised and relevant solutions, that demonstrate measurable outcomes and empower teams and individuals. We utilise our individual skill sets, experience, and knowledge to provide contextualised programs aligned to your organisational requirements and vision.

All of our solutions can be adopted individually or combined to create a wholistic leadership and team development platform. It’s completely up to you. You are guaranteed a professional service, with a focus on results. We work with you to assess your needs and provide an individualised strategy based on your requirements.

Reach your goals and move your business and teams to the next level with Targeted Training.

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Targeted Training provides engaging and relevant solutions to develop your business. As a team we have extensive experience in the training, coaching and development sectors, as well as business consulting. We have combined this experience to enable us to realise our true passion, which is to develop others. The team at Targeted Training is committed to growth – personal, professional and business growth. Let us empower your team to reach their potential. Talk to us today.

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Work with us to stay in front

Targeted Training provides personalised and relevant training and development solutions, that demonstrate measurable workplace outcomes and empower teams. Training specialties include; Practical HR Skills, Workplace Relationships, Sales & Service, Corporate Coaching, Employee Profiling Assessments and Career Advisory.

Experienced Team
Experienced Team
Training and Development
Training and Development
Personalised Solutions
Personalised Solutions
Aligning team goals
Aligning Team Goals